How do I configure AvailabilityGuard to scan VMware SRM?


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    Avinoam Weitman

    Hi Mark,


    If SRM is used, AvailabilityGuard will detect it automatically during the vCenter scan and attempt to collect the relevant data from it, using the SRM API.


    To ensure that the collection from the SRM is successful, make sure to meet the requirements in the AvailabilityGuard Deployment Requirements document. In short:

    - Make sure the user with which you are scanning the vCenter also has read-only permissions in SRM.

    - Make sure the SOAP port is open between the AG server/collector and the SRM. By default, port 9007 is used.


    You can refer to pages 43-44 & 74 in the AvailabilityGuard 7.2.4 Deployment Requirements document for additional information.


    Hope this is helpful.


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